Dodo Juice is a carnauba wax "New Kid on the Block" shouting to be different! Different from the traditional expensive boutique brands; different to the marketing exploits and huge returns gambit of the big established names; BUT INDIFFERENT in wanting to offer the highest quality waxes, ever improving recipes and strong product support for the benefit of consumers, and YES, that's you we're talking about! Dodo Juice Asia was therefore born out of this need to help lovers of shiny things all over Asia get the best in finely crafted quality natural carnauba waxes at affordable prices.

About Dodo Juice Asia

Dodo Juice Asia is an initiative between Dodo Juice UK and Auto Rage Pte Ltd (based in Singapore). Our aim is to offer a range of serious car care products to cater to the needs of enthusiasts in Asia. Our current markets span across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. We work with country exclusive distributors and/or appointed regional resellers to enable an easy and direct method of dealing with end-users and we hope that the information contained in this site will assist to make you a Dodo Juice user for life. Need help with Dodo Juice product information and selection? No problem! Just drop us a line or contact us here.

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Dodo Juice Asia is an independent web portal of Dodo Juice Ltd (, manufacturer of a wholesome range of high end waxes and accessories 'made by hand' in the UK.
Dodo Juice Asia is presented by Auto Rage Pte Ltd, Asia Authorized Reseller based from Singapore. We are a separate entity from Dodo Juice Ltd and neither party has a stake in each individual organization, but we share a passion in 'shiny cars'.